Heart & Soul

“There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment.”

Quote from Cardinal de Retz (17th Century) often attributed to, and popularised by Henri Cartier Bresson.

I am unashamedly a 'purist' photographer.
None of the images you will see on this website are a composite of two or more images. What was seen is what was captured. No trickery, no falsification, no deceit.
My image manipulation is minimal. I shoot in RAW then almost invariably add
some contrast, perhaps minor adjustments in 'curves' and 'levels' and then possibly some slight cropping.
I own four filters, three soft edged Graduated ND filters and a Circular Polarising filter.
I almost always shoot landscapes in relatively low light, thus blurred water comes as a side effect, not as a main intention.
If you like the images shown here then I'm very pleased, if you don't like them
then that is OK as well. What is hard to accept is when the viewer is left unmoved by any of my images. This means I have failed.